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Battery Clad Metal- Product Brief

一、 ( Superior Nickel Clad Metal)
By peculiar bonding, we have processed the alloy strip with properties closing to the pure nickel strip. They have better thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, welding strength, resistance to corrosion, etc. The most outstanding characteristic is that the internal electric resistance can be
modified at users’ request.
二、(AL-Nickel Clad Metal)
Aluminum-Nickel clad metal is usually used as connecting piece in battery and has better joining strength.
三、(Special Nickel Alloy)
FEPAC produces the special Nickel alloy with the advanced metal process equipment. Comparing with the common Nickel metal, the special Nickel alloy has better properties:15%lower resistivity (7.0~7.8μΩ). Excellent flexibility.
四、(Button Battery Clad Metal)
The button battery clad metal is the environmental alloy that is composed with a few single metal of having excellent properties. It has the characteristics with low resistance、high strength、better flexibleness、better wear resistance etc. It can be used as the cover of the button battery
五、(Alloy/Copper Clad Metals)
FEPAC Alloy/Copper Clad Metals The property of alloy and copper is different and it is difficult
to bond them together in traditional bonding way and process.To overcome this difficulty, FEPAC has designed unique continuous bonding way and heat treatment process and also designed a series Al/CU products with adjustable thickness ratio. This series products are the best replacement for pure
copper with its advantages as bellow:A. keep the good property of copper, such as good conductivity,
good tensile strength and good shielding function.
B. Lighter net weight, save copper cost
C. Corrosion preventive
D. Easier welding
The products has different bonding form: Overlay, Inlay and mutilayersbonding, which can designed according to customer&lqquot&s requirement. The maximum width is 150mm and the minimum thickness can be 0.05mm.Excellent bonding strength, No delamination during the welding Process.

Instructions for use:

一、( Superior Nickel Clad Metal)
1. FPA DN-1. It is the clad metal including Nickel. It has the characteristic that resistivity(5.5~7.5μΩ.cm) is lower than the Nickel. At the same condition, it has better tensile strength(400~600MPM) and the thermal conductivity is better to the pure nickel. It is preferable to take the place of the nickel strip.
2. FPA DN-2. It is the Nickel clad metal. It has the characteristic that has lower resistivity (2.0~4.0μΩ.cm),and the thermal conductivity is better to the pure nickel. It is applied in the field of high quality and high capacity battery.
3. FPA DN-3. It is the clad metal combined nickel and copper.It can be obtained the better machinability.The capacity of welding is better than the plated nickel copper. Because the plated nickel copper has very thin nickel side and it is easy to fall out from the base during the welding. Usually the copper is difficult to weld, so that the welding effect isn&lqquot&t well.While the thickness of clad metal’s nickel side can be devised 10% to 50%. 
一、AL-Nickel Clad Metal
1.The main chemical composition: AL ≥99.0%; Ni ≥99.0%
The Nickel strips with high-purity are imported from abroad as
the raw material.
2.The radio of Al to Ni is 1:1or 1:2, and can be adjusted
according to customers’ requirement.
3.The characteristics of FEPAC AL-Nickel clad metal:
(1)Continually bonding in large coils, without welding conjunction,
steady quality, and suitable for mass stamping process
(2)Highly-cleaned surface ensure the welding quality
(3)Excellent bonding strength, No delamination during the welding

Product specifications:

Dimensions and tolerances of Battery Clad Metals

The main technical indicators:

Performance of Battery Clad Metals